The Expansion Of The Shawnigan Lake Museum

A museum is not just about the past. It is as much about informing the future.

This dedicated group immediately began collecting artifacts and archival material to represent the stories of the area. They also took workshops and museum related courses to prepare themselves for the day that they would open a museum.

In 1983, opportunity knocked. The volunteer firemen had outgrown their fire hall (built in 1950) in the village and built a new one down the road. The historical society took over the redundant building with enthusiasm.

Garth Harvey, who helped to shape the old fire hall into a museum, said that, “For a while, we will rattle around like a few peas in a saucepan.” Thirty eight years later, the Shawnigan Lake Museum is still in the same building (now on the CVRD Heritage Registry) and “packed like sardines” would be a more apt description.

After decades of donations of artifacts, and archival material, mostly from the Shawnigan community, the museum has outgrown the space. This hampers the ability to provide the programming and service to the community.

An expansion plan for the museum is underway, that will add a more space, roughly 3000 square feet, and will seamlessly connect to the current building. 

Shawnigan Lake Museum Project

The purpose of the expansion is to open our doors more widely, both figuratively and literally, to the public and invite people to engage in a shared experience.

The Society has shown its commitment to this purpose for over forty years of service in the area.

To date, the Shawnigan Lake Historical Society has raised roughly $1,000,000 for the expansion project

Every Donation Counts