Lori Treloar - Executive Director

As a lifelong educator, Lori’s varied work experience began on the pool deck as a swim instructor/lifeguard followed by teaching in the elementary school system. Along the way Lori gained many skills that have been an asset to her museum work - from working in a corporate head-office and raising a family of three.

Joined the board in 2005

 Possessing a natural urge to be creative and to give back to the place she lives, Lori bravely took over the management, administration and curation of the Museum in 2005 when it was at death’s door.

Even though the learning curve was huge - Lori, with the help of many committed volunteers, brought the museum back to life and expanded its service to the community. Lori was fortunate to grow up with a cottage on Shawnigan Lake and believes that the lake is part of her DNA. She is grateful to have multi-generational roots to the lake and her goal is to ensure that this rich legacy continues to be enjoyed now and for the future.

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