When the Museum is open during Covid restrictions

What we're asking our visitors:

• Wear a mask during your visit to the museum.

• Sign in with contact information upon entering.

• Practice good hygiene.

• Use the hand sanitizer available in the museum.

• Avoid touching your face.

• Cough or sneeze into your elbow, even when wearing a mask.

• Keep your family unit together throughout your visit with children within reach at all times.

• Maintain physical distance - 2 metres away from others

• Please don't come to the Museum if you have:

• Any flu pr cpld-like symptoms, or if you are feeling sick

• Travelled outside of Vancouver Island within the last 14 days

• Been in close contact with someone who was tested positive for COVID-19

To keep you safe we are:

To keep you safe we are :

• Limiting the number of visitors in the museum

• Encouraging physical distancing with signage, spacing stickers and route markers.

• Providing physical barriers such as Plexiglas shields in customer service areas.

• Closing all hands-on, interactive elements to limit visitor contact in our galleries.

• Providing access to hand sanitizer. Increasing cleaning and disinfecting throughout the facility