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Shawnigan Lake Historical Society

The first meeting of the newly registered Shawnigan Lake Historical Society was held February 16, 1977. One initiative for the Society was to take over the sale of the Shawnigan history book, Green Branches and Fallen Leaves (6th printing in 2009). Another was to provide a home for the collection of memorabilia that had been preserved by the local trustees of the village-owned library - in other words, to establish a museum.

For six years the Society was without a permanent base. During that time volunteers collected artifacts and archival material; registrars and curators documented and catalogued the items. The Society held open houses; arranged interesting and informative speakers; sent representatives to seminars and conventions; interviewed and recorded old-timers; arranged field trips; and paid visits to local schools. Time well spent - they were learning how to run a museum. In 1983, the preparation was put to good use when a suitable space became available in the village. That year the old Firehall (circa 1950) became the home of the Shawnigan Lake Museum.

The collection has grown; the building has been modified; and many dedicated volunteers have come and gone. The original purpose is still the same: to preserve and celebrate the history of Shawnigan Lake; and to provide a permanent repository for information, records and objects of historical and cultural value associated with the area. A local museum is a resource for the benefit of both the community, and visitors. On behalf of the community, we continue to receive a steady stream of donations of artifacts, written material and photos. With these generous donations, the story of Shawnigan Lake continues to develop.

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