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We have many historical mementos available to remember your experience at the Shawnigan Lake Museum. We carry a selection of historical reference books, post cards, note cards, bookmarks, and EJ Hughes' cards. Please download our current price list of items. Below find a Few of our most popular items.

Hand made
Enamel Poppies

Campfire Mug

EJ Hughes Paints
Vancouver Island

 "This is Where We Call Home"



We are pleased to add the book "Saving Water" as an exclusive to our gift shop.

This new release is about Shawnigan Lake. The story is told in four voices, spanning three generations. Bruce Fraser, Kelly Musselwhite, Brock Musselwhite and Chase Musselwhite each developed their environmental awareness at different times and places but, through this book, each is now sharing their insights into the future integrity of Shawnigan.

The authors dedicate their book to their fellow citizens of Shawnigan Lake and hope that it provides a challenge and a stimulus for conservation of the land and waters we all call home.   The authors have generously donated all proceeds from the sales of the book to the museum.

Saving Water at Shawnigan Lake

The book is now available at the Shawnigan Lake Museum for: 

EJ hughes
Art Reproductions 

  • EJ Hughes block mounts ($15- $25),
  • Photo Canvases ($35)
  • Matted Prints ($15 - $35)
  • Framed Lithographs (individually priced)

For more information, click here to download a catalogue of paintings for sale.

See more on EJ Hughes and the gallery dedicated to Patricia Salmon

new!  wooden photos

EJ Hughes Are Reproductions Catalogue

Shawnigan Lake Map


Well-known local artist, George Norris has created this accurate and wonderful map of the area. 

Shawnigan lake Map Tea Towel $19

Shawnigan Lake Tea Towels


With George Norris' famous Shawnigan Lake Map!

Green Branches and Fallen Leaves  


This community history was first published in 1967 and has been a popular resource ever since.  Reprinted with clear, digitized images and print. 77 pages.

Shawnigan lake Poem $22

The Shawnigan Lake Poem


Mr. Stokes spent long, happy summer with family and friends at Shawnigan Lake.   Written in 1917, with beautiful calligraphy and adornment by the author, this poem captures the magic of Shawnigan Lake. 

Engraved Notebooks

Shawnigan Lake Notebook


Shawnigan Lake T Shirts with Logo

Museum T-shirt


Black with copper logo

 Shawnigan Lake

tote bags


cream cotton with copper logo


Salts Spring Soaps $20

Exclusive! Shawnigan Lake Beauty Package


 featuring Saltspring Soapworks products

Shawnigan Lake Calendars $11

2018 Shawnigan Lake Calendars


free with membership

2017 Calendars only 3 left! (Half price: $5.50)- or free with Museum Membership)
Fascinating photos from years past highlights this historical calendar.

Dock & Cabin wood kit $28

Dock & Cabin Wood Kits


Assembled and embellished by our volunteer, Mark Woloszczak, from one of the kits available at the museum. Looks awesome!

Christmas Tree Wood Cabin Kits

Wood Ornament kits

$12 to $14

Left to Right  Cabin ($12) Outhouse ($12) Barn ($14) Chapel ($14)

Kinsol Trestle tote bags. 
A unique Shawnigan gift.


Michael Layland's two historical books about
early Vancouver Island

$40.00 each

What to Find at the Museum

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